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As a leading provider of customizable softwares and systems, Wavenet has enabled network-based multimedia communication to wireless and wireline carriers worldwide. Instead of focusing on telecommunication areas Wavenet began to spread its wings to customizable software solutions from 2013. We have grown rapidly, and deployed products and solutions by covering more than 100 million people across South Asia, Africa and Asia Pacific.

You have to set goals that are almost out of reach.If you set a goal that is attainable without much work or thought, you are stuck with something below your true talent and potential. - STEVE GARVEY

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Web Based applications

We equip companies with exuberant amounts of IOT solutions with Emergency response systems such as the one we implemented on 1990 Suwaseriya ambulance service being our spearhead.

IVR Solutions

Being able to provide IVR solutions is one of our many fortes. We encourage our customer to have marketing campaing with us to boost your business, Dialog Ideamart service represents the quality of our end IVR product.

Mobile applications

Wavetnet-solutions has lavish amount of resources to suffice your mobile application development needs, hence has a reputation among the industry for reliable and swift mobile developing

USSD/SMS solutions

USSD/SMS services greatly aid financial services to be smoother and much more efficient.Wavent solutions’ USSD/SMS solutions are in demand, Hutch sim activation system is a prime example of our good work.

CDR archiving solutions

We are also known to provide our customers with stable and reliable CDR archiving solutions, with Airtel CDR archiver being the pinnacle of our archiving solutions thus far..

Internet Of Things

WNS is a technology partner that provides expert product development, software engineering, and design services. It finds creative approaches to challenging problems in the physical world and builds scalable, smart IoT solutions.

IVR Marketing Campaign

  Marketing/Promotional Campaign

  Advertise your Business Through our IVR services

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ERM System

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  Next Wave of Emergency Service

  Advanced Geo-Tracking Functionality

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  Subscriber Activation - USSD/SMS/IVR and WEB Portal

  Hutch-072 Integration

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IVR Solutions

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  IVR & OBD Solutions

  IVR Marketing Campaign

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